Seven years ago, I helped Michael Port launch the very first edition of Book Yourself Solid.

Instead of using the formulaic “Amazon campaign” launch model that was wildly popular at the time, we decided to do  something different.

We took a risk and created our own model – one that aligned with the long-term vision for the book and the brand.  Thankfully, our launch strategy was successful and helped Book Yourself Solid became a national bestseller.

Long after the launch in 2006, Book Yourself Solid continues to be a consistent bestseller and I still believe that it’s one of THE most important books to read if you’re serious about making an impact with your message and work.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share Michael’s latest project with you – one that will inspire you to “raise the grain” on how you develop, package and promote your message, books and overall thought leadership.

This week, Michael launched Book Yourself Solid Illustrated – a creative and innovative “risk” that has transformed his original bestseller into a compelling any easy-to-consume playbook for entrepreneurs and messengers who are ready for more clients and more results.

(For the juicy details on how and why Michael choose to innovate his bestseller, click on the video below.)

From the beautiful illustrations to the creative structure, this book will help you reconnect with your WHY – and move you to share your message more consistently and effectively. This is true even if you’ve read the original Book Yourself Solid a time or two!

You can see a sample of the book here and also get the scoop on the awesome bonuses he’s offering (including an awesome and f’ree BYS app!).

To inspire YOU to take risks and innovate your own thought leadership, I recorded a “behind the scenes” interview with Michael on the making of this new book.

Behind the Author Interview with Michael Port from Elizabeth Marshall on Vimeo.

During our chat, you’ll hear Michael’s honest feelings about book launches (this may surprise you!) and also learn:

  • how to help readers consume your message (minute 13 in recording)
  • 4 principles for effective collaboration and working with co-authors (minute 25 in recording)
  • how to package your message for different formats (minute 14 in recording)
  • launch strategies – and why they need to be aligned with the brand (minute 32 in recording)

I trust you’ll not only enjoy this “insider” conversation and want to buy a copy of Michael’s book, but also gain relevant strategies you can apply to your own message and work.




We’re still smiling from the great response and feedback we received for today’s call on “Making Your Ideas Happen NOW.”

On the call, we shared 5 proven ways you can accelerate your impact and publish your work along with specific examples on how you can apply them.  In addition, Janet shared several incredible stories of these 5 principles in action from her role as SVP and Editorial Director at National Geographic Books – examples that will inspire you and bring fresh energy to your message and work.

Here’s a taste of the comments we received about today’s call:

Today’s webcast a jolt of inspiration!

You ladies delivered fabulous ideas on writing, publishing and self promo on today’s call – thank you!

Your call today was very encouraging. You shared some terrific new strategies to help build my audience and launch my book.

Click on the links below to listen (or re-listen) to the recording of this NEW teaching segment on Making Your Ideas Happen.  As part of the recording, you’ll also the advice we shared during the Q&A session and our announcement about a time-sensitive bonus you can read about below.



As we shared on the call today, we know that far too many messengers and change agents like you are doing all the right things and working really hard to develop your ideas, audience and business, but not seeing the meaning and results you KNOW are possible.

We also know that real progress is possible and that you can attract tangible opportunities to share your message and grow your audience audience NOW.

That’s why we’re so passionate about you saying YES to the “just released” Book Breakthrough On-Demand course. Based on our incredibly successful in-person and simulcast events, this online course is our way of making the program–hailed by so many people as “transformational” and “lifechanging”–as accessible and affordable as possible.

To encourage you to take action, we announced a juicy bonus on today’s call that you’ll receive if you sign up for Book Breakthrough On-Demand by this Friday, February 15 at 11:59 pm EST:

BONUS: Receive a customized Message and Platform Assessment, delivered as a private, 30 minute session with Elizabeth. In this strategy session, Elizabeth will help you identify the 2-3 key areas you need to focus on right now to create
momentum and RESULTS for your message and work. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence that you’re working on the right things at the right time (instead of wasting time, energy and money). Value? Priceless!

As you heard us say on the call, the Book Breakthrough On-Demand Course is designed to walk you through the proven models you need to:

  • Develop your signature ideas
  • Build your following and strategic partnerships
  • Align your book and overall work for publishing and entrepreneurial

As part of the course, you’ll receive cutting-edge advice from top NYC publishing insiders and bestselling authors, and inspiring business thought leaders including Les McKeown, Carol Roth, Jenny Blake, Adelaide Lancaster, Charlie Gilkey, Andrea J. Lee, and Todd Kashdan on what’s working right now. (NOTE: Watching any one of these video sessions is worth the price of the course!)

Click on the link below for complete course details, including all the juicy video sessions, core teachings, client-tested worksheets and resources you’ll receive.  On the website, you’ll also find alumni testimonials and our introductory pricing of $197 that’s in effect during this initial launch period:

If you know in your heart that NOW is the time to get going with the message and work you most care about, we invite you to dive into Book Breakthrough.


e (and j)

P.S You will absolutely get at least one fresh perspective and strategy you can immediately apply when you listen to the call – including how to create and launch a “single” – so don’t forget to download the recording!

P.P.S If you’re thinking about or working on an ebook (or book) as part of your “show and tell,” our friends over at BookBaby offer an affordable way to publish and promote your ideas.  Not only that, they are a great supporter (and official sponsor) of Book Breakthrough:


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