7 Trends & Truths to Shift Your Success with Your Book & Message

by admin on March 30, 2012

UPDATE!  Join us this Wed, April 4 at 3:00 pm PDT (12:00 PDT) for a Livestream video chat to understand how to immediately harness 3 of these trends for your message + book.  It’s going to be a powerful session, so we hope you to see you there!  To join the session, please click on our Livestream TV channel when it’s officially time for the session to start (3:00 pm EDT on Wed, 4/4):


Now, back to the original post…

No matter where you are with your message and book (or second book), you are probably hearing new information and advice every day about the “right” way to successfully develop and launch your work.

Right? Right.

We also know that:

Some of these messages may seem confusing and even contradictory.

Some of these messages may sound too cookie-cutter – and feel too formulaic for you and your work.

Some of these messages may make the process seem so easy…but why are you finding it so challenging?

In fact, there are specific changes and new realities that are that are making this a particularly exciting, yet disruptive time to publish successfully. To help explain WHY, Janet and I stepped back to identify 7 Trends (+ Truths) that give you a much clearer understanding and perspective of what’s possible for your and your work.

Click on the video for great 10-minute video lesson excerpted from the insights we shared at Book Breakthrough 2011 conference. We think you’ll find this clip to be incredibly timely and helpful.

And, be sure to listen for the reference to the “warm water” metaphor. See how it can keep you inspired and lead you towards your audience and your “sweet” spot.

Once you’ve watched this short clip, we would love for you to post your comments and reactions below:

  1. Which of these Trends and Truths most resonate with you?
  2. Which have helped you the most, or have gotten in your way?
  3. We can’t wait to read your responses!

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