Rave Reviews for Book Breakthrough!

Here’s what some of our alumni who attended our in-person workshops and simulcast events had to share about their breakthroughs and overall experiences:

“Book Breakthrough is fantastic. Thank you J & E for an incredibly content-rich and fun event! I loved being part of a “master class” and learning from you in your 3-day immersion into the process of bringing your book and ideas to life. You were absolutely stellar on the simulcast camera and what a marvelous array of guests. I was so inspired and I look forward to working with you both on even more breakthroughs.”
– Manisha Thakor, author, financial expert and founder of MoneyZen

Hear Charlie Gilkey and Angela Wheeler on why
BBNYC gives authors the help they need:

Charlie Gilkey, founder of ProductiveFlourishing.com and Angela Wheeler, business (and life) partner

“When you have people like Janet and Elizabeth that know what they’re doing and who have done it before and they tell you, “this is what works and this is what doesn’t,” you can cross a lot of the overwhelm off. You could waste years of your life and not get anything accomplished, or you could come here and come out with a decent plan and then talk to them a little bit and have an amazing plan.”
– Ian Garlic, online marketing consultant and author of Stake Your Claim

Drew Marshall on the compelling feedback he received
(and why BBNYC is more than worth 3 times the investment):

Drew Marshall, founder and principal of Primed Associates

“I didn’t go to Book Breakthrough expecting to have my own ‘book breakthrough,’ yet by lunch on the second day I had it — the book idea I knew I had to develop. Thanks to the wealth of experience that Janet and Liz bring to the workshop, along with the voices of so many excellent guests, I left with a suite of tools to make it a reality. Book Breakthrough is not your average just-listen-take-notes kind of workshop — it’s as interactive, inspiring, and empowering as it is informative. This is an event I’ll be raving about and recommending for a long time.”
– Kelly Kingman, founder of Kelly Kingman Media and author of The Sticky eBook Formula

Bestselling author, Les McKeown, on why the quality of BBNYC is unparalleled:

Les McKeown, author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller Predictable Success and The Synergist

Hear two-time attendee, Lou Bortone, give three reasons
why BBNYC is such a valuable event:

Lou Bortone, online video and branding expert

“If you are serious about playing a much bigger game, and having a huge impact on the people that you serve, then you absolutely need to learn from the best, and Janet and Elizabeth are the best! The learning and the fun (YES, fun!) will help you take an immediate quantum leap in your business and life!”
– Shawn Shepheard, inspirational speaker, trainer, and creator of Sweet Success

Why author Adelaide Lancaster wished she had found BBNYC much earlier in her process:

Adelaide Lancaster, coauthor of The Big Enough Company: Creating a Business that Works for You

“I found my place at Book Breakthrough and got exactly what I needed. When you’re ready the messengers, the support, and the teachers appear, so thank you.”
– Ariane Benefit, founder of Agile Life Design and author of Neat and Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Office

Why bestselling author, Todd Kashdan, was so riveted that he couldn’t leave his seat:

Todd Kashdan, Ph.D., associate professor at George Mason University and author of
Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life

“There are no words to describe how Book Breakthrough exceeded my expectations. I learned more in three days about the publishing industry, marketing books, building businesses from books, and, most importantly, communicating the message of my book, than I could possibly have imagined. I highly recommend Book Breakthrough to any author at any stage!you absolutely need to learn from the best, and Janet and Elizabeth are the best! The learning and the fun (YES, fun!) will help you take an immediate quantum leap in your business and life!”
– Paul Puckett, founder of the Whole Investor Network and author of Investiphobia

Gina Hiatt on how BBNYC delivered a surprising breakthrough for her:

Gina Hiatt, founder of Academic Ladder, Inc. and Finish Agent, Inc.

“Let me add my praise for such a profoundly rewarding experience. Yes, you guys really over-deliver! I’ve returned home with renewed energy and focus, plus the determination to start building that audience NOW.”
– Jan Welborn-Nichols, president of Market Arts Creative and author of Henrietta Sharp: The Lunch Box Files

Holly Chantal on the caliber of relationships and connections at BBNYC:

Holly Chantal, website growth specialist