Interview with Jeremie Miller: Teen Technology Project

by admin on November 21, 2012

With Thanksgiving a few days away and the holiday season right around the corner, this is the time of year that we hear lots and lots of messages around giving thanks for what we have and also giving back to others in need.

Out of all these messages we encounter at this time of year in the form of books, greeting cards, songs, movies and You Tube videos, some of them resonate with us and others fall flat.

Many of these messages come across as generic, trite or even formulaic. Messages (and books) like these don’t do much to inspire us or prompt us to take any action other than to change the channel or press the “delete” button.

Then, there are those messages that feel real (and relevant) and offer a a compelling WHY that we can believe in and buy into. No matter the format, messages like these touch our hearts and prompt us to respond or to offer our support.

My colleague and friend, Jeremie Miller, has an incredible message (and project) that I want you to know about. I believe it will not only inspire you to give back, but also offer you some powerful lessons on how to tell the story of your own message and work in a more powerful way.

Interview with Jeremie Miller: Teen Technology Project from Elizabeth Marshall on Vimeo.

Watch this short video to learn more about Jeremie’s Teen Technology Project (and why I was inspired to give) and gain insights on how you can incorporate more of the “WHY YOU” and “WHY NOW” into all of your idea-driven projects.

You can also click on this link for all the exciting details, including how you can support and get involved:

Once you’ve watched the video, I would love to hear your reactions and thoughts. How has Jeremie’s project inspired your own work or prompted you to help spread his message? Leave your comments below and I look forward to hearing from you.


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